AKMETAL Metallurgical Ind. Corp founded in 1963 and located in Istanbul, Turkey, is producing mainly stainless, low alloy and carbon steels with three generations of craftsmanship, proficiency and professional approach. Its Electric Arc and Induction Furnaces combined with AOD converter (Secondary steel making process) which is one of the few in Europe, is the best option for your top quality steel casting requirements. Besides, Akmetal is able to produce open die steel forging products especially for your unique shapes requirements in special materials with its 1000 Tons forging press and 6 Tons manipulator. As a long time supplier to prominent OEM companies with wide range of portfolios in several sectors such as oil and gas, offshore, massive lifting, mining, energy, pressure equipment, paper and pulp industries provides great knowledge to Akmetal to serve you with high quality products.

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Besides its wide range of material production capability, as shown below, Akmetal has no limitation as to producing any type of steel. If you wish for any material, which is not listed below, please ask.